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Currently, Airlink is the exclusive airline connecting Johannesburg and Richards Bay, providing a convenient and reliable travel option. You can find more details about their services on their website: [Airlink](https://www.flyairlink.com/en/za/).

Airlink operates three daily flight schedules, catering to various preferences. The morning flight runs from 07:55 am to 09:10 am, the midday option is available from 12:40 pm to 13:55 pm, and a late afternoon flight operates between 17:30 pm and 18:45 pm. These flights are available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. For Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday, there is one flight scheduled.


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Notably, on December 4, 2023, Airlink introduced the Embraer 170 Aircraft to enhance the travel experience on the Johannesburg-Richards Bay route. This 74-seater aircraft has replaced the Jet 41, which was initially deployed after the Covid-19 pandemic as part of Airlink's relaunch strategy for this specific route.

This upgrade to the Embraer 170 Aircraft signifies Airlink's commitment to providing passengers with a comfortable and modern flying experience. Stay tuned for further developments and enhancements as Airlink continues to connect these two vibrant destinations.

Richards Bay Airport operates under a concession managed by ACSA, with air traffic control services expertly provided by Air Traffic Navigation Services (ATNS). The airport features a single runway, designated as 05/23, boasting a length of 1,300m and a width of 21m, with a PCN (Pavement Classification Number) of 27. While the specified ICAO width for a Code 2B runway is 23m, our runway remains accommodative within this category.

It's important to note that the airport lacks a parallel taxiway, necessitating landing aircraft to turn on the runway and taxi back to the terminal or general aviation area. The maximum wingspan for aircraft accommodated at the airport is 24m.

Scheduled services connect Richards Bay Airport with OR Tambo International Airport (ORTIA). The airport is equipped with Category V rescue and firefighting facilities, operating as Category IV according to ICAO Annex 14 Table 9-1 standards. This ensures a secure and well-prepared environment for the safety of all operations.

The airport's capacity is optimized for aircraft with a maximum seating of 74 passengers, exemplified by the Embraer 170. Richards Bay Airport is committed to providing a safe and efficient operational space for airlines and passengers alike.


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